1983 Gi Joe Hiss - Gi Joe Action Figures - Gi Joe Characters

Toy: Gi Joe Hiss Driver 1983 - Hasbro

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1983 Gi Joe Hiss Popular Q&A

Q: How much is a unopened sealed mint condition G.I. Joe Cobra Commu...
A: Ask some other GI JOE collectors. Read More »

Q: 1983 duke gi joe 3 3/4"
A: http://www.yojoe.com/action/83/duke.shtm…. It doesn't sound like either one is more valuable, but the helmet without the holes was sent out before the helmet wi... Read More »

Q: Where are they now? - HissTank.com - G.I. Joe
A: ROFL! Let's see: Ripcord: Now a Skydiving Instructor Ace: Now a Private Pilot, does a courier service for important businesses. Zartan: Now a Multi Billionaire ... Read More »

Q: What was the name of that gi joe cartoon - HissTank.com - G.I. Jo...
A: if you consider all the alternate realities in existence, how many do you think that GI Joe rules in and how many do you think that Cobra is in charge of? Also,... Read More »

Q: Anyone got one? - HissTank.com - G.I. Joe
A: Hey ,I have a snes and games and an xbox if anybodys interested. my kids are stuck to the wii and 360 ,so they dont appriecate them like we used to,send me a pm... Read More »

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