Stella Dot Purse - Stella N Dot - Stella Andd Dot

Zak Designs Planet Zak Stella Woven Lunch Tote with Key Ring, Polka Dot Design

Planet Wise MINI Wet/Dry Bag - Spring Dots

Planet Wise Designer Diaper Changing Pad - Bangle Dots

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Stella Dot Purse Popular Q&A

Q: How much revenue is Stella & Dot currently doing?
A: The answer is detailed in this Inc. 500 article profiling Stella & Dot's amazing CEO & founder, Jessica Herrin: . ne/2010.   . " This... Read More »

Q: How to Spot a Fake Stella McCartney Purse.
A: 1. Look closely at the purse's materials. Stella McCartney purses are high fashion items which feature fine materials. If the material on the purse feels flimsy... Read More »

Q: How do companies like Stella & Dot find people to be resellers?
A: Companies usually start by reaching out to some top network marketers or MLM individuals offering them an exclusive opportunity to join the company before anyon... Read More »

Q: What do you know about Stella and dot jewelry?
A: Basically a MLM scam. Like Herbalife or Amway except with jewelry and handbags instead of soap and vitamins. Read More »

Q: Where is my white polka dot purse?
A: Try concentrating on the last time you can distinctly remember having or seeing it Read More »

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