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Taylor Guitar Armrest Popular Q&A

Q: How to Refinish a Taylor Guitar.
A: 1. Lay your guitar flat on its back. Remove the strings by turning the tuning pegs in the direction that reduces resistance. Wipe down the entire guitar with a ... Read More »

Q: How to Care for Taylor Guitars.
A: 1. Determine whether your Taylor guitar has a gloss or satin finish. The Baby Taylors, 300, 400 and the 100 and 200 acoustic basses have a satin finish. Their c... Read More »

Q: How Much is A Taylor guitar?
A: i tottaly recommend taylors! there amazing sounding guitars, have a nice tone, and play very smoothly. BTW, my grandparents acctually are neighbors with Mr. bob... Read More »

Q: Where are Taylor guitars made?
A: Taylor operates factories in El Cajon, California, and Tecate, Mexico. You can take a free guided tour of the El Cajon facility every weekday starting at 1 pm. Read More »

Q: Why are Taylor guitars so expensive?
A: Certainly the technical details make up part of the cost of a guitar (wood, high costs of skilled workers, manufacturing techniques, business costs etc) but ult... Read More »

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